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June 2018

Newsletter in English

This English edition of my newsletter explore The Law of Attraction and hopefully you will gain useful insights that help transform your love life :-)♥

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Be lucky in love!

I offer coaching and advice for people who are unhappy in love or would like to have more luck in their love life.

To help you I use all my knowledge on love, dating and self-development collected over many, many years of study and personal experience.

To make an appointment you may contact me by phone: +45 50 49 54 68 or email: I do coaching on phone, email or at Tinkuy, Badstuestræde 13, 1209 København K

See what I offer, my prices and contact info below

Coaching and counselling

 Takes place at Tinkuy, Badstuestræde 13, 1209 København K.

Sessions lasts one hour, but for the first one we use an hour and a half.

This offer is probably the best one if you need to talk things through and get some new inspiration for your dating and love life.

Price: 625 Danish kroner.

If you have a rather complex problem, I recommend five sessions and if so you pay for four sessions only. 

Telephonic coaching, ½ hour

Call me at +45 50 49 54 68 and get half an hour of coaching.

A half hour talk on the phone is especially good if you need isolated advice or coaching on a subject that you have already some grip on.

We may arrive at good and useful answers in a short time if you have specific questions and know what you like to accomplish with the call so think it over in advance.

Price: 250 Danish kroner.

Email counselling

Email me at and send 1-3 A4 pages describing the topic that you would like to be advised on. Preferably pose one or more specific questions.

I reply with a consultative mail within one week.

The idea of doing it in writing is partly that you have plenty of time to express yourself and be precise about what help you need and also that you do not forget my replies. I recommend that you work with those replies afterwards going over them several times.

Price: 650 Danish kroner.

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I do coaching and counselling in English

I am a Danish author and coach specialized in love, dating and single life. I wrote a book on those subjects called "Dating, desperation og selvudvikling" (in English it might be something like "A Handbook for the Desperate Dater"). My spoken English is fluent, so if you want my advise you are very welcome to book a private session or to use my telephonic or email counselling services.

As a coach I do not tell you what you should or should not do but I will help you to know better what you want and how to achieve that. Coaching strengthens you in your own choices.

My advice is based on both many years of working with personal development as well as university studies in psychology. The methods employed by me are primarily taken from NLP, analytical psychology, mindfulness, behavioral psychology and the spiritual teachings of Danish author Martinus. I am a former high school teacher of psychology.

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